torsdag 28. februar 2013

Ads that constantly pops-up


Since I have chosen to alert people on Twitter when I write a new blog post this post will be in English.
Hopefully to reach someone out there which can deal with this annoying part of being a user of apps on smartphones and tablets.

Today I will be writing about something that has annoyed me for quite some time now. And this is by no means, meant to be a whining post.
For me, a great part of my adventure using digital and electronic devices har been gaming. I always have been a gamer by heart, and I always will be.

But I am also of that kind that has no interest of paying loads of money for a game, at least not until I am sure that this is a game I will play for a period of more than a year.
I have played huge games like World of Warcraft and of course paid my dues, but hey!, I loved that game.

But sometimes you'll find a game, a little game, which is said to be free, at the cost of you (the user) has to accept constantly spamming of ads.
Ok.. I can accept some ads..

But this one game, Candy Crush, which obviously has a well-driven marketing office, literally spams the market with their "propaganda"

As educated in marketing I can understand why, and as a computer guy, both of education and interest, I can understand how.
But as a gamer and user I almost give up. No matter what game I play, no matter where I turn I get spammed with Candy Crush Commercials (CCC)

Yes! We do C!
But frankly, enough is enough!

When you have said NO to Candy Crush Commercials in one app/game you shouldn't be spammed with that commercial the next time you play the same game.
In some way there must be an acceptance, some sort of register that knows that this user has said he or she is NOT interested.

Enough whining from me at this point! A big welcome to all new readers! Hope some of you makes comments on my blog. And I DO hope you will make suggestions to what I can write about on my blog!

Om eg ikke blir brutt opp i bits eller inntar en binær form så vil det snart komme en ny blogg med nye erfaringer fra Mitt IT-eventyr!

Almost correct Google!
Here's what happens when Google Translate, translates that last sentence from Norwegian to English:

If I do not get broken up into bits or adopt a binary form so it will soon be a new blog with new experiences from my IT adventures!

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